How To Find the Best, Most Affordable Wedding Photo Booths

Oct 06, 2015

Coordinating a truly memorable wedding experience for you and your guests can be as simple as offering fun, interactive entertainment options that go beyond dining and dancing. One of the best ideas to consider when coordinating your wedding is to rent a photo booth. Not only is it fun for your guests to pose and make funny faces into a camera, they’ll have something more personal than a simple party favor to take home and forever remind them of your special day. Plus, the latest digital models can immediately upload photos to the internet and save them to a CD or DVD so adjustments can be made later and extra copies can be printed for the bride and groom to enjoy forever. Think of it as a more convenient twist on the single-use cameras often left on each dining table for guests to take photos of one another.

While there are certainly a great number of companies across the United States from which you can rent a booth, the best, most affordable wedding photo booths can be found in some rather unexpected places. For example, in recent years, providing photo booths has been a steadily growing trend within the wedding entertainment industry, which is why a large number of professional mobile DJs own their own booths and can offer a rental option with their wedding packages at a healthy discount when combined with all of the other entertainment services they can provide. Plus, you can count on the fact that you’ll be getting the best photo booth around since wedding DJs must work with nothing but the latest and greatest models available in order to secure the most bookings in their highly competitive field.

So how can you jump on this trend and save the most money? A great place to start would be online, where you can find reputable agencies that can provide you with quotes and contact information for a wide selection of terrific professional DJs who offer photo booth rentals as one of their many great services. The key to finding the best is to look for agencies that have been around for many years, have websites that appear on the first one or two pages of a Google search and represent disc jockeys closest to the location of your wedding to help save on transportation costs. Look for agencies that make it easy for you to narrow your search by location, price point and services desired. Choose at least two disc jockeys to conduct further research on and schedule face-to-face interviews with them. Make sure every DJ you meet in person is able to provide you with a quote that clearly states their rate for renting their photo booth and details all of the booth’s unique capabilities, such as background customization, both black & white and full color printing options, etc.

Anything you can do to make coordinating your wedding a bit simpler is invaluable. Hiring a DJ who can provide a photo booth will save time as well as money, not to mention the fact that there’ll be one less contract you’ll have to deal with.